#TF19 Save the Date September 14th – 15th

*Online* Booking is now closed!

But it is not too late to come… you pay by card or cash onsite – so dont miss out.

The Forge is a "Not For Profit" organisation that aims to run a Men’s Christian camping event in South London once a year. We are a group of guys that belong to a number of local churches that are passionate about Jesus and growing the spiritual life of men.

No financial gain can be channelled from the organisation to any members except the re-imbursement of expenses. (Indeed we do not expect to make any 'profit' - any excess will go towards the shortfall from last years event or towards the following years event.)

Please contact us if you want a copy of the constitution or speak to any member of the committee.

You can contact us by email, G+ info@theforge.zone or https://theforge.zone/contact/

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